Luca Pipolo

Luca pipolo


Barcelona, ES


All about me.

When the first computer, already a star in my house since the '90s, was replaced to make room for a Pentium II revolution, the ill-fated predecessor became my toy. The first step was to take it apart & reassemble it and then notice with surprise and joy that it still worked perfectly. Over time I began to dare more: replacing components, changing cases, overclocking the CPU. So, as a child, I realized that the computer was my passion.

When I became a teenager I got in touch with a family friend who worked in the IT sector, so I immersed myself in a world made of XHTML and CSS tags, where Linux replaced Windows and where web development took the place of the hardware tricks. It was clear: the computer was not only my passion but it could become my job. I spent the difficult years of high school between books, many friends and work that took more and more a definite shape until I started to collaborate with companies: first, a small one that developed management software using Ruby on Rails, then an advertising agency where creativity was the daily bread.

In these years I’ve not only greatly improved my technical skills, but I also lived many experiences that have increasingly stimulated my curiosity about new technologies and beyond. I learned to work in a team, to love the differences between each people I met on my path, and to love the uniqueness of the story that everyone builds in their own lives.

My desire to know, my wish for new experiences and my infinite passion for travel have allowed me to move to Spain, where I started my new great adventure.


Couple of things I can do.


I not only know all HTML5 secrets but I also love to work with template engines like Pug or with generators as Jekyll.

Advanced CSS

Yes, CSS3 is awesome but I like to boost it using SCSS, strictly following BEM and SMACSS methodologies, and compile it with my dear friend Gulp.

JavaScript / jQuery

I can easily move through the JavaScript world. I'm so familiar with jQuery that I decided to experiment a little bit of AngularJS and React.

Object-Oriented PHP

Surprised? I'm not only a Front-end developer. I can also write beautiful PHP code, applying PSR best practices and writing PHPUnit tests.


An easy solution that requires caution. I can develop WP themes and plugins in the right way, using OOP PHP and taking performances really serious.


Git is my bread and butter. Does not matter how large is the team, I'm confident with pull requests, reviews and git flow.


Progress bars, anyone?

100% HTML5

100% CSS + SCSS

90% JS + jQuery + CoffeeScript

60% Object Oriented PHP

60% WordPress

100% Git

20% AngularJS

40% MySQL


Here, there and everywhere.

- present


Web Developer

Barcelona, ES

I'm working as Web Developer in the Barcelona office of this awesome, German, company. Here we're fully driving companies towards the digitalization process. Here big, complex and so different projects became my daily stuff and my skills steadily grow both on Front-end and Back-end side.

- present

wi.iu upset®

Web Developer

Napoli, IT

This ambitious project initially born as an association of freelance minds but quickly became a serious communication company. Here I'm the guy who makes all works behind the scenes, building beautiful layouts and awesome features. I research, experiment and develop new technologies to be sure that all our customers are totally satisfied.



Web Developer

Caserta, IT

I owe so much to this small company that develops Ruby on Rails solutions. Here I learned the basics of teamwork, here I became familiar with the Unix CLI and with the serious way of write understandable, reusable and clean code. My first JavaScript and Sass steps happened here.


Learn all the things!


Advanced PHP Programming Specialist Course

Napoli, IT

I build here my PHP knowledge. I learned how to use PHP in the Object-Oriented way, how easily move through namespaces, classes, traits, polymorphism, and closures. Here I also learned to follow PSR rules and to write effective tests with PHPUnit. I also had a quick look to Composer dependencies manager and to Symfony framework.



Web Designer Specialist Course

Napoli, IT

Was a full immersion one year course. It covered many aspects of Web Developing: from writing basic HTML5 templates to manage JS and jQuery like a pro. Here I also discovered all secret of SCSS and I combined it with Gulp superpowers.


Università degli Studi di Napoli Federico II

SMFN - IT Department

Napoli, IT

Also if I didn't finish my academic path at all, in these years I learned a lot about the IT logical and abstraction processes. Were important years also to get in touch with the developer community of my city.


Busy as usual.


All my daily work is here, for you analyze.


Almost all private repository but, give a try!


Yes. I'm also a blogger and here you find my writings.


Call me, maybe.


Barcelona, ES

Luca pipolo